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Women’s role in the Church

Those members of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland who share Moderator-elect Stafford Carson's scripture-based views on those sanctioned by God to occupy the office of elder in His Church will, I'm sure, be grateful to Victor Gordon for including what he termed a poem by his minister, the Rev Christina Bradley (Belfast Telegraph, February 7).

This piece of rhetoric by itself should serve to vindicate the wisdom of God in precluding potentially beguiled women (2 Corinthians 11:3) from holding the office of elder, the qualifications for which are clearly spelt out in God's inspired Word in 1 Timothy chapter 3.

The reality is that this so-called ‘raging controversy' is only being fuelled by people like Mr Gordon and his journalistic colleague Alf McCreary.

It is Christ's Church.

He is the sole king and head of that Church and in His Word He has given the standards by which it is to be organised and governed here on earth and they are not subject to human modification.

If this issue were really such a controversy then how on earth would Stafford Carson ever have secured sufficient support to be elected to the post of Moderator?

Both Mr Gordon and Mr McCreary make much of the fact that Mr Carson represents a ‘minority view'.

Perhaps they should ponder the fact that it was the majority that voted to release Barabbas and to crucify Christ.

Cecil Andrews


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