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Word of God is more important than glamour

I read with interest Alf Mc Creary's article concerning the gay clergy issue in America (Review, June 12). While I in no way attempt to judge other people, I must make the following points:

When the Lord Jesus Christ returns I doubt any interest will be shown concerning the glamour of buildings, nor in the style of music played within. Children are still dying in the world due to lack of food and water. What will be of interest is the word of God and how it's preached. The Bible is the Christian authority by which Christians live their lives. Beautiful buildings, inspired music and elegant language will count for nothing. The Bible is clear on matters concerning our human relationships and nothing overrides these instructions.

It is time for the Church to come out of its disinterested liberal sleep and to start to stand up for the principles and word of God concerning such matters.

Whatever happens anywhere in the world in churches, we should remember the Church belongs to Christ. It is His Church and those who hold office will have to answer to Him alone.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim


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