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Workers must unite to fight against cuts

Politicians tell us cuts are inevitable and we all have to suffer to sort out the economy. But that's nonsense. The wealthy benefited before this crisis and are using it to attack the working class.

If politicians want to make savings, they could start by axing the Executive at Stormont, axing spending on their overseas adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, or by reclaiming the bank bailouts.

There is, however, an alternative that lies with the working class to oppose these attacks. There can be no mistake that these cuts, along with the taxes being dreamt up by our political 'representatives', amount to class warfare. These cuts can be defeated, but it will not be easy. Real opposition needs to be built.

Only the working class organised through a new, aggressive and revolutionary union movement can have any hope of successfully defeating these attacks.

Sammy Wilson is right: holding placards will not stop these cuts, a campaign needs to be built that puts workers in control of their own struggles. Only such a movement can guarantee an end to cutbacks and replace this rotten society with one based on need not greed.


Workers Solidarity Movement


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