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World Irish dancing championships in Belfast

Love it. I don't have a dancy bone in my body but I could watch it all day - terrific exercise too.


I went to a ceili on Inishmaan 20 and more years ago. Three women from the island organised it. About 100 men and women turned up - tourists outnumbered locals by about 60/40. No one was allowed to sit it out. They organised everyone to participate - no excuses such as 'I have two left feet'. Young, old and everyone in between was out on the floor. I still fondly remember two sisters from Dublin, out for a wild week. We were all expert dancers after two hours, or so we thought.


Cross-border schools


From the number of Louth registered cars dropping off and collecting students at my daughter's grammar school here in Newry, it seems that there is an awful lot of 'grannying' going on already - to the detriment of many of the local children who may miss out on places at these schools. Is Mr O'Dowd happy about that, I wonder?


When Mrs Ruane spoke for Education, she and Sinn Fein were very happy about this going on, no matter if it were to the detriment of local children. I wonder if it had been one of their children or a close relative's child that it had worked against, would their support have been so great?


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