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World leaders hand a boost to tax dodgers

It has been a great couple of weeks for tax dodgers and an expensive fortnight for the rest of us, who have been left to pick up their bill.

Despite all the talk of action to address tax dodging, recent meetings - the G7 in Japan and EU finance ministers in Brussels - failed to deliver the necessary steps to ensure global tax justice.

By completely missing these opportunities to act on the dramatic revelations of the Panama Papers, world leaders have shown the world they remain on the side of tax dodgers and not the general public.

The handful of measures which were agreed by the G7 are welcome, but what is really needed are straightforward and easy-to-implement rules that target companies' subsidiaries in tax havens.

The widespread funnelling of wealth to tax havens defrauds governments in developing countries of at least $100bn per year.

This is a denial of the rights of millions of people and why Oxfam is calling for an end to the destructive era of tax havens. Companies must pay their fair share of tax. Until then, ordinary people across the globe will continue to pay the price.


Chief executive, Oxfam Ireland

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