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World must do more to help today's migrants

The LE Niamh patrol vessel did outstanding work in the Mediterranean last week, but it is not enough for the Irish Government to organise the rescue of people, then drop them into Italy and leave that country to deal with their "processing".

No one who isn't utterly desperate would embark on the journey these men, women and children are making. It is less than 200 years since two million hungry people fled Ireland for America, Australia and the UK.

Our tribute to their sacrifice might best be represented by a willingness to take some of today's migrants, not just out of the water, but into the country, where they can build a decent life for themselves.

Is it beyond the capacity of the world's leaders to devise a plan for sharing the acceptance of these people over several continents and countries?

The ultimate solution lies in the ending of the conflict in Syria and the affected African countries, but it is obvious that many of their traumatised citizens cannot wait for that ever more distant day.


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