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World's current strife not a war of religions

We cannot allow the recent brutal slaughter of a French priest to trigger religious animosity between communities.

I have just returned from Nice. I lived very close to Promenade des Anglais, the place that witnessed the mass murder of innocents. One can feel palpable tension in the city.

However, we must all remember that 30 of the victims were Muslims themselves and that, so far, terror organisations have murdered more Muslims than Christians, Westerners or any other minorities.

Pope Francis was right to reiterate the salient fact that the world is at war, but it is not a war of religions. Wisdom must prevail.

There is every need to reinvigorate and put into practice the Amman message, an illuminating script instigated by King Abdullah II of Jordan, which sought to clarify the true tenets of Islam to the entire world.

It offers fertile ground for constructive interactions between people of diverse religious denominations.

As we live in an unstable world, where dark forces are threatening to tear us asunder, this message becomes imperative to remind us of the common values that bind us all: compassion, mercy, equality, fairness, justice, kindness, inclusiveness and moderation.


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