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Worth seeing, but not worth paying to see

Re Liam Clarke's article on the Giant's Causeway Visitors Centre (August 10). His opinion will not be popular, but I find myself in total agreement with him.

It is a brutalist, modernist structure, more suited to Milton Keynes or London's Docklands. Amid the North Coast it looks like a virulent case of teenage acne!

And as for the £8.50 charge for admission, well, being a local man I have no interest in their Disneyesque and Creationist displays.

I do however have need of toilet facilities but not at that price.

I have fond memories of the Causeway before any centre. Friends got married on the Stones in a hippy wedding ceremony in 1973. RIP Sean Armstrong.

I can't see the Trust allowing that to happen nowadays. Dr Johnson's description of the Causeway was never more relevant than today: "Worth seeing, but not worth going to see"!

Peter Molloy

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