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Would they rather be hit by expletive or brick?

CONSIDER this scenario, a squad of police constables have spent long hours wrapped in heavy protective clothing and helmets, sometimes in sweltering heat.

They are under attack from a mob throwing bricks, bottles, petrol bombs and broken iron gratings. The mob have the intention of causing serious injury to the police.

In the heat of the riots and under extreme tension and indeed fear, they come out with a few swear words directed at, or in the hearing of, some politicians who are highly annoyed at hearing the F-word spoken in their general direction. It is not as if the politicians have not heard the F-word from the general mob behind them which does not appear to annoy them. These politicians are so annoyed they want the policeman identified and maybe prosecuted.

Why do these politicians not back the forces of law rather than whining about being shoved by a plastic shield or having a few expletives thrown in their direction by the constables who have been under severe mental and physical pressure for months trying to keep order on the streets of Belfast.

The Chief Constable should inform the politicians he is backing his men to take whatever action is necessary to control the situation and the use of a few swear words by his men will be ignored.


Co Antrim

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