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Write Back: I'm astounded by Lord Laird's wasteful questions

Laird is taking the mickey. This is the same man who claimed for taxis to Dublin because, if he travelled on the train, people ridiculed his kilt. That there was ever an Ulster-Scots Agency is highly questionable, but this man turned Ulster-Scots heritage into a laughing stock. Unelected, unaccountable and wasteful - that just about sums up his contribution to public life.


Yip: Well said. I wonder how he got there in the first place. Only one thing is more disgraceful than the flagrant waste of £2m while people are suffering and children and old people are living in poverty and that is his bizarre boasting about it.


What was his name before he was elevated to the House of Lords? They should either elect the second house or just disband it entirely.


I wonder if he is asking these questions in Ulster-Scots?


Surely it's better to be in attendance and asking questions - unlike many MPs who don't attend debates as they're too occupied with wining and dining?


'Any plans to stop the cyclists who break red lights?' It's a very sensible question. Some cyclists are not only a danger to themselves but also the public at large and should be held accountable to the rules of the road.


They are testing traffic lights at the minute that give cyclists a head-start to improve safety.


Cars breaking red lights are much more of a danger to everyone.

Larry Duff

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