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Write Back: Integrated education key to future peace

Why do people insist on calling our education system segregated? It's not segregated. We have state schools, which are open to all denominations, and we have schools provided by the Catholic Church for parents who want their children educated within a Catholic ethos. No-one is forced to attend either school and no-one is denied entry to either school. Politically the British like to think that all the trouble here stems from how primary school children are educated. They completely ignore the corrupt, repressive anti-Catholic regime. Seamasbeag

Seamasbeag: "Corrupt... anti-Catholic regime". Ah, the one that has funded the separate Roman Catholic schools, unlimited access to the (British-funded) National Health service – not to mention the wholesale social security payments and family credit imposed on the growing Roman Catholic population? That "corrupt ... anti-Catholic regime"?

Wee Jonnie

Wee Jonnie: That's right. The regime that institutionalised anti-Catholic discrimination. The one that gerrymandered electoral wards and limited the franchise. The one that gave itself a draconian Special Powers Act and raised an all-Protestant paramilitary special constabulary.


Let the Irish people govern the island for themselves.


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"President Obama was right to highlight the scandal of so many Protestant and Catholic children having their own schools." Is this the same "scandal" that everywhere else in the world is called normal? Northern Ireland is the only place in the world with its own unique brand of sectarianism. Sectarianism starts in the home and in ghetto areas. It has nothing to do with schools.


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