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Write Back: Skewed questions on Irish unity

Personally, I don't give a monkey's what the questions were. This is only someone keeping themselves in a job to create a survey. If a vote on Irish unity is about to take place, then let's worry about the questions.


Bakerboy17: Surveys and polls can be ignored until those completing the surveys/polls have the first clue what they are being asked about. It's like saying, "Excuse me, would you swap your car for my car? The trick is, I'm not going to tell you anything about my car beforehand. It might be better than yours, but it might not." No one has any clue what a united Ireland would look like in terms of housing, jobs, economy, education, health or political representation, so how is anyone supposed to give an opinion on it?


Yahoe_Yahboyee: Why have 300,000 people recently left the Republic to seek work and a better life elsewhere? Does that not answer your question on jobs, housing, health etc?


BT8: Yet the population of the Republic continues to rise. Weird.


BT8: Why don't you reveal just how many people have emigrated from Northern Ireland over the last, say, 30 years?


Aodagain: What is in favour of Northern Ireland joining a clapped-out, highly indebted Republic run from Berlin? Never mind that the majority in Northern Ireland aren't in favour of a united Ireland.


BT8: This 300,000 figure you quoted is rather misleading. When you break it down, a sizeable majority are foreigners; many of them eastern Europeans who migrated here during the boom and left due to the downturn.


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