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Write Back: Time for leeway over car parking

We took the children to Bangor on Saturday for a kids' BBC event and discovered parking on the road outside the castle grounds was restricted to one hour ... on a Saturday.

Rib Tickler

Rib Tickler: Here's an idea – don't park your car illegally and you won't get a ticket. Or even – be sensible and take the bus, if you're only going to go shopping. It's really not that difficult.

Darwin is God

Darwin is God: Yeah, Darwin. What you say is true.


There's no point blaming the council – they don't look after parking. All on-street parking in the city centre is restricted by DRD to two hours, or less, to stop commuters from using it to park all day, so the spaces can be used by shoppers.

The traffic attendants are employed by NSL under contract from DRD. If it didn't have a parking restriction, people would park all day again and stop shoppers and visitors from using the spaces. There are car parks aplenty around Bangor without a time limit.


Sorry, but there is absolutely no leeway, or grace, to be had as regards what goes on in Belfast. There is no common sense. "The rule-book says..." (Same type of intransigence and lack of foresight that made them shut up the City Hall grounds directly the clock struck nine during the Murray match on the big screen.) And "Thou shalt take the bus if you dare to come into the city"? No, actually, I will not take the bus. And I will not be told what to do.

Instead, I and hundreds more like me will simply not come in. So watch Belfast retail/restaurants continue to slowly die.

T J McClean

I went to a funeral recently and paid for two hours' parking. The minister overpaid his tribute by 15 minutes and I was ticketed for £60.

Just as well I loved the deceased. Sixty pounds' worth.


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