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Writer ignored Iranian role in Yemen conflict

Jim Clarken's criticism of the global community for failing to force an extension of the "temporary ceasefire in Yemen" (Write Back, May 25) is remarkable for one glaring omission: he does not once mention the role of Iran in the conflict.

If the ongoing destabilisation of the Yemen proves anything, it is that the Iranian government - under the supposedly "moderate" Hassan Rouhani - is as threatening to regional peace in the Middle East as any of his more overtly anti-Western predecessors.

Mr Clarken castigates Saudi Arabia for not letting "vessels with essential supplies dock at Yemen's ports". This completely ignores regional Sunni fears about an increasingly militant Iranian Shia encroachment throughout the Middle East. This fear was reinforced when the Iranian-sponsored Shia Houthi militia in the Yemen overthrew the country's Sunni government of Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. The sustained Houthi-led insurrection should surely disabuse the notion that Tehran is now operating under a more benign Shia regime


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