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Wrong for media to eulogise killer

I wanted to express my gratitude to you for highlighting the appalling misogyny of the media's response to Alan Hawe's murder of his wife and children in your article published September 6.

This was a brutal and despicable crime that should be recognised as such, and not belittled by eulogising Mr Hawe's goodness and love for his family.

Abuse and murder are not expressions of love. They are crimes that result from a narcissistic need for control, overwhelmingly perpetrated by men against their partners and family.

It is shocking that we continue to make excuses for men who commit crimes of domestic violence.

It only makes it easier for other perpetrators to do the same and for women who suffer to feel increasingly powerless and alone.

I commend you for your integrity and hope you continue to point out who are the real victims in cases like this.

Ruth McPherson

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