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Wrong to blame media for the death of Jo Cox

To say that the media are somehow responsible for the death of Jo Cox is unfair. The only person responsible is the one who carried out the killing.

However, our politicians, who, in their zeal to win the Brexit argument, campaigned on an anti-immigration/Britain First agenda, should really hold some culpability.

We are all entitled to free speech, but with it comes responsibility and accountability for the effects our words may have on others.

Regarding our politicians decrying the lack of respect the public have for them, have they ever watched themselves in session at Stormont?

There is also the insult to the electorate of politicians never answering a direct question with a straight answer. Do they think the electorate are not astute enough to realise that the waffle they concoct as an answer is just an attempt to pull the wool over our eyes?

Politicians should start treating the electorate and their colleagues with respect. Then, maybe, the electorate and the media will return the favour.


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