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Wrong to call Talmud's text anti-Christian

I HAVE no idea from where Charlie Murphy (Write Back, October 2) gets his mistaken ideas about the Talmud, but almost certainly it is not because he has studied it.

This encyclopaedic work is written in an extremely terse style and is virtually unintelligible without great effort.

Even most Jews are not familiar with all its 5,000-plus pages, covering the religious rules governing all aspects of life, based on the oral traditions explaining the Pentateuchal legislation.

Any references to Christian beliefs are few and far between, so calling it "anti-Christian" is a gross distortion - unless by that he means that it does not make the Christian assumption that the New Testament had superseded the previous revelation.

It would certainly not "have been well-known to Poles as far back as the 16th century", except for distorted passages used by Counter-Reformation preachers to incite the faithful against Jews as being the putative source of the Protestant "heresy".


Salford, Greater Manchester

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