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Wrong to punish ill by charging for prescriptions

So much for the "National" Health Service: a health service from the cradle to the grave for all UK citizens. For all but those of us with a BT postcode. We get our own health service. A bespoke service to fit the needs of our people. So long as you don't get cancer.

The medication needed to treat cancer is not available to the likes of us. We can't afford it. We need to find a new way to pay for it, we're told. Prescription charges: the cure-all remedy.

Make the sick pay for it themselves. Charge them every time they need medication, or equipment. The cash will be rolling in.

Due to the nature of the conflict in the BT postcode area, there is an abundance of people ripe for exploitation who are scrounging free medication from their GPs.

People like myself, who up until the age of 21, took no more than a couple of Anadin. That changed in 1994, when somebody decided to pump six bullets into my body. Left paralysed and with severe internal injuries, I am now one of those NHS scroungers. It is now time to pay up.

Send me the bill for the daily penicillin, the dozens of catheters needed and for the antibiotics needed to clear up the infections.

Those who run our bespoke "local" health service should go back to the "National" Health Service and demand that they supply the much-needed cancer drugs. Don't inflict more punishment on those of us injured during the conflict.



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