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Yellow jackets a smokescreen for usefulness

If the terrace (and the rest of Ravenhill) is non-smoking, then why did I have to watch the match against Leinster through a haze of some inconsiderate person's cigarette smoke?

I am not an anti-smoking zealot, but I am an anti-smoking-in-my-face zealot.

I noticed people standing about in bright yellow jackets (I believe they are called stewards). I assume their only remit is to stamp out crowd trouble - when was the last time that happened at a rugby match? - but not to enforce any other rules/regulations.

Should I politely ask the smoker to desist and risk sparking crowd trouble and possible expulsion from the ground. Or should I try to attract the attention of a steward who appears to always be looking in any direction but the smokers? Suggestions?



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