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You should pack your own bags or pay the levy

This really is one of the stupidest ideas that I have ever come across. In a supermarket, that's fine, it's very easy to add on a few pence to the bill. If you are a local independent retailer, you will just end up absorbing the cost – ie add 5p to the cost of your carrier bag. I really despair with the people that are in charge of running this country.

Orlaigh Docherty

Orlaigh Docherty: Not necessarily. On the continent, there are bag-dispensing vending machines and I don't see any reason why that wouldn't catch on here also.


Drumrizla: Or you could just take a re-usable bag with you when you go to the shop.

Darwin is God

This is long-overdue, as a short visit to this place confirms ie that it's carpeted in plastic bag litter. No need to go to the Third World to see squalor created by lazy, selfish parasites. We are Europe's Third World country. The Do Nothings should have introduced this legislation years ago, but then that's how they earned their name – ie by doing nothing.

Dracula's Tongue

The Mad Hatter of Stormont strikes again. Attwood is the worst 'minister' we have. All his decisions are based on his environmental ideas. Stop out-of-town shopping developments costing us thousands of jobs, stop exploration for natural gas and oil because he believes CO2 is evil, plasters the countryside with useless, uneconomical eyesores called wind turbines, because he thinks that tourists will flock here to see these hideous monstrosities. There seems to be no end to the idiosyncrasies of this man. Why don't they boot him out of office before he totally destroys what is left of this country? He is insane.

Gentleman John

'He is insane.' Somebody on this thread is certainly insane, but I'm not sure it's Attwood.

Darwin is God

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