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You will be lost if you reject God's words

Regarding Thorn Lancefield's reply to my letter on abortion (Write Back, September 29), I have in previous letters made the case against the 1967 Abortion Act without reference to scripture.

For example, under the Act, we could have the moral equivalence of a 22-week premature baby being saved in one part of a hospital, while one of similar age is being aborted in another. Save one, slay another - it is only a matter of choice.

However, I deliberately quoted scripture, as it is in its entirety the Word of God. When on earth, Jesus quoted scripture to endorse His mission of redemption and defeat the arguments of His foes. In that He rose from the dead, all that He did and taught were vindicated.

Following His rising, He declared that the scriptures completely anticipated His life, atoning death, resurrection and ascension (Luke 24).

Paul wrote that, if the dead don't rise, the case for Christianity collapses. So, has Christ risen?

A 20th-century sceptic called Morrison decided to investigate the evidence. The resulting book, Who Moved the Stone?, is his testimony to his conversion.

Jesus promised that anyone willing to obey God will find out whether His teaching comes from God, or whether He was speaking on His own. Further, He said that anyone who is on the side of truth listens to Him.

God's judgement of sin began when man betrayed Him by rejecting His word of warning of death and believing the word of His enemy which impugned His character. Instead of executing summary justice, God acted in grace (amazing grace) by promising the Messiah. God now calls all mankind to repent of sin and trust in His Son as saviour. To reject Him is to be lost.


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