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Your choice for Halloween fun

I hope that the Rev Terence Cadden's stand (Halloween banned by clergyman, Belfast Telegraph, October 27) doesn't simply get the classic Northern Ireland response where he is either condemned as a killjoy or elevated as a prophet.

At least as the pastor of a church, Terence feels strongly enough to take action. Many don't!

If the roots of Halloween are deemed to be so inextricably linked to non-Christian traditions that the whole thing should be avoided, then your only response is to condemn anything which celebrates/accepts the event. If, however, you feel Christians should make the best of it, then you use the time fruitfully and focus instead on the many Halloween alternatives available.

What is not acceptable is to turn a blind eye and say that it is only harmless fun. Consider two simple questions. On safety grounds, why tell your children for 364 days a year not to talk to strangers or play tricks on people and then change all that for one day because it’s Halloween? Secondly, in terms of allowing a proper spiritual balance, why should you allow children's heads to be filled full of ghosts, vampires and death but deny them the opportunity to hear also about a God who offers light and life? It’s your choice!

Michael Wardlow


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