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You're a Northern Ireland minister, Conor

Is It not near time Conor Murphy abandoned his juvenile and deliberately annoying insistence on calling the six counties "the north"?

A man with any sense of irony might have thought twice about including this semantic niggle in a letter written as transport minister for Northern Ireland, a state he tacitly endorses by holding that office.

With the customary republican scorn for facts, he forgets that the most northerly point on the island is Malin Head in Donegal, which county is still in Ulster, still in the Republic of Ireland but not, Conor, in Northern Ireland.

Of course, his party colleague Ms Ruane would have Northern Ireland educate children from the Republic, so maybe Conor wants us to take responsibility for gritting pavements in Letterkenny.

The purpose of his wee semantic niggle, which gets up the noses of Protestants, is of course to reassure his faithful that although Sinn Fein bottled it in the Good Friday Agreement, their aspirations for a united Ireland haven't gone away, you know.

Word to the wise Conor.

Look over your shoulder.

For all the supportive partisan bluster in the comment columns of the daily newspapers , most of those faithful are very happy to remain ground under the cruel oppressive heel of the Brits in Northern Ireland, as opposed to living in glorious Celtic freedom in the south.

Or the north.




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