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You're wrong Nuala - and that's the truth

Nuala McKeever (Life, June 13) obviously considers that she is something of an expert on the nature of truth.

In the context of dealing with the issue of (among other things) Mary McArdle's appointment as 'adviser' to the Sinn Fein minister for culture, Ms McKeever states that "there is no absolute truth" and "there is no one way of seeing things".

There are two core problems with these claims. The first is that the claims are easily refuted by both factual and moral counter-examples.

The second problem is that she treats the claim that "there is no absolute truth" as itself an absolute truth, which is obviously self-refuting.

The suggestion that there is no objective truth of the matter with respect to both the fact and the morality of Mary McArdle's involvement in the murder of Mary Travers (which is the clear logic of Ms McKeever's position on the relativity of truth) is not only manifest nonsense, but it is also both professionally and morally irresponsible.


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