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Youth frightened by parading INLA

THE recent images of INLA volunteers walking in Londonderry have frightened the youth in Northern Ireland.

These images were broadcast on our televisions, on social media and in our newspapers.

Not only does it frighten the unionist youth, it encourages disengagement and lack of trust within our police service.

I can now state that the youth in south Antrim feel this also, having felt second-class treatment in regards to culture, law and policing - many of which they embrace peacefully.

My concern is that this incident does nothing other than frighten the youth and other individuals into recruits for illegal paramilitaries. I call upon leaders in politics, police and cultural organisations to address this.

As secretary of the South Antrim Unionist Youth and representative of the UUP, I stress that our youth should not feel frightened; they should continue to embrace their peaceful and dignified culture and work with political influence on a continued way forward for the peace process.

Lastly, trust must be regained from the PSNI in the appropriate action of investigation and prosecution of recent events.


Secretary, South Antrim Unionist Youth

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