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Arthur Aughey

Arthur Aughey: Why unionists should now push to remain in the EU 

When historians come to explain the diplomacy of the UK-EU negotiations on Brexit and the Northern Ireland backstop, perhaps they will consider it to be the 21st century version of the 19th century Schleswig-Holstein question. Famously, Lord Palmerston described it thus: "Only three men in Europe ever understood it. The first was Prince Albert, who is dead; the second, a German professor who became mad; I am the third and I have forgotten all about it."

Soldiers from the 36th (Ulster) Division at the Somme in 1916. While it's right to mark the sacrifice of so many, let's acknowledge their blood was needlessly spilled on altar of empire

Alban Maginness: Unquestioning remembrance obscures truth that WW1 was a futile conflict with no winners 

Last Sunday, at Belfast City Hall and other public venues throughout Northern Ireland, Remembrance Sunday was commemorated. This year marked 100 years since the armistice that ended the First World War. Having commemorated that event with due solemnity and respect for the past 100 years, the question now arises: is it not time for us, as a society, to review and restructure this annual public ritual, which has become so deeply institutionalised in our public life?

Ruth Boyle and Matthew Gallagher from Street Soccer NI teams alongside Gerry Armstrong at a farewell reception ahead of their trip to Mexico

Editor's Viewpoint: Tournament gives homeless people hope for the future 

Giving young disadvantaged people, many of them living on the street or sofa surfing with friends, something to aim for is a first crucial step in turning their lives around. The innovative Street Soccer initiative which literally gives them a goal in life is a shining example of how to transform young people's fortunes and chances of progress. And for 18 young men and women, this weekend sees them set off on the trip of a lifetime to Mexico to take part in the Homeless World Cup.

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