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Mary Travers

Eilis O'Hanlon: Joseph Haughey, who has died aged 66, was guilty of many foul deeds ... there is little reason to pretend any more that the murder of Mary Travers was not one of them 

One by one, a generation of terrorists who plagued Northern Ireland through the Troubles is growing older, dying off. The latest name whose death stirs dark memories of those days is Joseph Haughey, who was charged with the 1984 murder of 22-year-old school teacher Mary Travers and the attempted murder of her father, magistrate Tom Travers.


The question is whether Barry McElduff is a liability or an asset... Sinn Fein, which refuses even to acknowledge the IRA's responsibility for Kingsmill, clearly believes he is the latter 

What are we to make of Barry McElduff? We can write him off as beyond consideration simply because he is a member of Sinn Fein, a defender of the good name of the Provisional IRA, a gang of politically motivated murderers who spilt more blood on Irish soil in recent decades than any other band of rogues or state body.

Freddie Scappaticci has been linked to at least 18 murders

Eilis O'Hanlon: Terrorism has always provided the perfect cover for sociopaths like Freddie Scappaticci to perpetrate the basest acts 

There are three principal things known about Freddie Scappaticci. The first is that he tortured and murdered alleged informers in the name of the Provisional IRA when he was the feared head of its so-called "nutting squad". The second is that he was subsequently outed as the British security services' longest-serving asset inside the IRA, known by the codename "Stakeknife" (though he's always denied that allegation).

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