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A memorial in Soloheadbeg marks the spot where two RIC policemen were murdered by Irish Volunteers, a seminal and controversial event in Ireland’s fight for independence

Alban Maginness: Why murder of two policemen in January 1919 still haunts political establishment in Irish Republic 

Next Monday, January 21, sees the 100th anniversary of the sitting of the first Dail in the Mansion House in Dublin. Having triumphed over the Home Rulers of the Irish Parliamentary Party in the famous 1918 General Election, Sinn Fein, as promised, boycotted the Westminster parliament and set up a new Irish parliament, the first such parliament since the abolition of the old Irish parliament by the Act of Union in 1800.

Theresa May speaking in the House of Commons last night

Big danger in Theresa May's defeat is that many will conclude democratic politics just doesn't work any more 

In a period of political confusion like the present, it is difficult sometimes to find appropriate expressions to describe what is going on. Discussing this difficulty with a colleague yesterday, I was told that there is a word already in journalistic usage: it is 'omnishambles' - a state of collective disorder, commonly known as a complete mess, which featured originally in the BBC comedy series The Thick Of It.

Kerry and husband Ralph

Kerry McLean: The first time I spotted my husband across a crowded dancefloor and his eyes met mine, it was like an electric shock jumped between us 

I've always been a little sceptical of love at first sight. Passion, ardour, chemistry, absolutely but real, true love springing unbidden when your eyeballs happen to rest on each other? I've never really thought it possible. In the far and distant past when I was a young slip of a thing, I once locked eyes across a crowded dancefloor with a handsome stranger with giraffe-like proportions. We didn't manage to speak to each other that night but years later found ourselves, by chance, working in the same office, became friends and many years later, to quote Jane Eyre, 'Reader, I married him'.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Dominic Cummings in the Channel 4 drama, Brexit: The Uncivil War

Arthur Aughey: It is facile, from an Irish perspective, to dismiss Brexiteers as nostalgically minded Little Englanders ... in fact, it is Remainers who seem obsessed with the past 

The young, efficient House of Commons researchers provide useful - and free - resources for anyone with a professional, or even non-professional, interest in the workings of parliament. The other day, following the Christmas and New Year recess, I received again in my inbox their regular Brexit Digest email. It was titled Deja Vu and informed me: "So, we're back where we began, with debates on Section 13(1)(B) of the Withdrawal Act - ie debating the Meaningful Vote (again)."


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