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17 billion reasons to leave the EU

By David McNarry

There are almost two million unemployed in the UK, with young people suffering from the worst youth employment rate for 20 years.

Our young people face the toughest struggle of all in finding work - yet we roll over and conform to EU laws in processing non-UK nationals into jobs.

Young families are financially stretched, the elderly are unsure and everyone is fed up with hospital waiting lists. Our GPs are in crisis and the education service is not working.

Yet under EU regulations homes are found, waiting queues are jumped, school places are jigged to provide non-UK nationals with as-of-right benefits.

We should rally together and face head-on the challenge by deciding the best way forward is to selfishly invest in ourselves for a 10-year period. Ridding ourselves of the twisted rules and regulations the EU call a democracy would be a creative first step.

Ukip's expert independent number-crunchers have costed that, in a single year, a staggering £17bn would be saved by leaving the EU.

Over the next 10 years, without adding to the national debt, we would be able to provide for new schools and nurseries, new medical centres and care for the elderly.

Saving £17bn and spreading its benefits across industry, commerce, farming and fishing speaks for itself.

Scaremongers do no good. Particularly the pernicious CBI, falling over themselves, Pinocchio-style, to repay IOUs owed to Tory grandees.

Yet not once have the 'Inners' denied that the annual £17bn saved from leaving the EU is a factual, unchangeable reality. People like simplicity and honesty in explanations. It has maxed-out our credit card.

The UK is better-off outside a growing United States of Europe controlled by Merkel and Hollande.

Northern Ireland will, of course, benefit from a shareout of the £17bn savings annually.

It is right that we decide to invest in controlling our own affairs - it can be achieved by first ensuring that all vacancies are filled by UK nationals.

  • David McNarry is leader of Ukip in Northern Ireland

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