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Alf McCreary: A complex issue with no easy solution


It is significant that the General Assembly held a wide-ranging discussion yesterday on same-sex and other issues which caused such controversy this time last year.

The decision by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) not to grant full membership to LGBT people or to baptise their children hurt many Church members.

But equally hurtful was the perceived clinical and cold tone of the theological report which underlined the Church's policy.

The PCI was taken aback by the intensity of the reaction to its decision, and accepted the need to adopt a more loving and pastoral tone for those affected.

Like every other leading Church, the Presbyterians are struggling with same-sex and gender issues.

So far it has no easy answers, and the establishment of three task forces to deal with the issues shows the complexity involved.

The PCI moves slowly and major decisions may not be taken until next year or 2021, but the Church is keen not only to get the right balance but also to avoid the PR disaster of last year.

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