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Animal cruelty must have stiff punishments

I have been deeply disturbed by the horrendous cruelty suffered by Codie the dog.

The picture of this animal with her awful injuries, caused by young people setting fire to her, sends shudders through me.

Only people who own, or owned, animals feel the grief of Codie's owners. To others, it's ‘only an animal’; to them, she was their pet, who had her own personality, was loved as a family member, was there when her owners arrived home and was a loyal friend.

Codie's suffering is now over. Let's hope she is in a better place and that Codie's owners feel some comfort from the people who care.

Stronger penalties in court need be handed out. We appear to live in a society that accepts animal cruelty. It is unacceptable to be cruel to a child; animals should be given the same respect.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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