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Berlin trip bargain due to last-minute booking

By John Mulgrew

The ever-strengthening pound and weakness in the euro certainly helped when deciding where to go for our mid-term break next month - and we left it to the last minute.

Myself and my girlfriend had toyed with the idea of going further afield - whether to the US, or somewhere outside the eurozone.

But the US was soon put out of the question, partly down to the strength of the dollar.

In the end we settled on Berlin and booked through Aer Lingus from Dublin. That means booking through the Irish state airline's website in euro - which are then converted into sterling when getting to the payment stage. We also found hotel prices extremely cheap, and in other European destinations we looked at.

That meant getting a four-star hotel in Berlin city centre for as little as £160 for three nights.

The entire trip is likely to cost a few quid less than it would have done if we'd booked well in advance. So, in this case, the lack of planning actually saved us a few pounds.

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