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Booming Botox business could be just what the doctor ordered

By Una Brankin

Lord Sugar obviously did his sums before hiring Dr Leah Totton as his new business partner and decided the cost of paying doctors to inject Botox at her proposed string of clinics is worth it.

At the height of the boom I interviewed the owner of a medical cosmetic clinic in Dublin and Belfast. She paid three euro for a vial of Botox to the manufacturer. That vial was enough to fill a syringe which could deliver €300 (£256) worth of injections in the forehead and crow's feet, which could be treated in less than five minutes. She paid the doctors around €150 (£128) per hour. The same applied to facial fillers, except those could be injected by nurses or well-trained beauty therapists – at a fraction of the cost of doctors' fees.

With fillers over-taking Botox in the popularity stakes, Dr Totton and Lord Sugar stand to make a fortune.

Nice profit if you can get it.

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