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Dairy-free Rosanna Davison has made a boob ...

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison has attracted the wrath of dairy farmers with her daft advice to everyone to give up dairy products, then sit back and watch their health and their looks bloom.

The newly-qualified nutritionist and daughter of crooner Chris de Burgh is a wily self-publicist but hopefully enough people know that lactose intolerance doesn't affect everyone, that health freaks over-generalise and that dairy products can be good for you.

At home we were brought up on unpasteurised milk and as a result have good strong bones. A strict vegan, Ms Davison is indeed the picture of health but I wouldn't be so sure about her grey matter.

One of her big worries about doing her photoshoot for German Playboy recently, she has explained, was "my responsibility towards women and towards feminism... I decided to do it based on my academic understanding of women's writing and literature". Come again Rosanna? I wonder what exactly she has been reading...

Then she took exception to Ray D'Arcy asking her on Today FM for the truth behind the widely held opinion that she has had a breast enlargement since her younger flatter days, declaring sniffily that was a "very personal avenue to go down".

It wasn't so personal when she was baring them for the camera and the millions of ogling Playboy readers. Rosanna is lovely – a bit Miss Texas, but lovely. A feminist? Give me a break.

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