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Doyen of hometown radio John Rosborough poised to launch station for golden oldies


John Rosborough, MD of U105

John Rosborough, MD of U105

John Rosborough, MD of U105

You just have to call John Rosborough (59) Mr Northern Ireland Radio.

The man who began his career way back with Downtown, then moved to Citybeat before setting up U105 at UTV, has just become managing director of his fourth new station.

He's heading Belfast FM, which will cater eventually for over-55s, retired already and about to retire listeners in the city.

The man was born to be a wireless genius – even appearing in front of the mike with his kind of late night music on occasion, as well as being a background studio type.

"We haven't even got a frequency yet – the licence has just been granted by Ofcom," confides John, "but we hope to be on air inside the next two years, with good debate and conversation and easy listening music."

Belfast FM will be a non-profit-making station, with the commercial money ploughed back into the company.

"We haven't got a detailed prescription or a masterplan yet," we are still working on it," adds Rosborough.

I expect a lot of young broadcasters will be trained at Belfast FM and some veteran broadcasters – like John – could make comebacks. He's bound to have his own late night show.

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