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Is there something Courtney Cox's friends should tell her?

By Una Brankin

When an insecure Jennifer Aniston met Courtney Cox for the first time on the set of Friends, she was very taken with the slightly older actress's looks. With her high cheekbones, piercing blue eyes and flawless skin, the petite brunette that everyone knew from Bruce Springsteen's Dancing In The Dark video, was a striking natural beauty.

But now – oh Courtney, what have you done to yourself? Those terrible photos of you in the National Enquirer look as if you've stumbled into some very bad lighting indeed.

Unflattering daylight can be most unforgiving and I do hope that's why the once lovely Courtney's face appears pumped up to the eyeballs – literally – with facial fillers.

With her brow apparently stretched migraine-tight and lips seemingly inflated like mini dinghies, she is unrecognisable as the fresh-faced clean-freak Monica Geller.

In the sneaky unauthorised snaps, her once lovely wide eyes appear as slanting slits, her jaw juts voluminously under what looks like a trout pout, the overall effect rendering her a cross between Madonna and feline socialite Jocelyn 'Bride Of' Wildenstein.

Having admitted to using Botox in the past, the recently divorced Courtney is said to be dreading her 50th birthday next year. She has my sympathies but I'm convinced some Hollywood stars have a form of facial dysmorphia, as in the delusion experienced by anorexics when they look in the mirror and see a big fatty looking back at them.

The pressures of preserving your looks in an industry obsessed with youth and appearance is understandable but I can't fathom why certain VIPs go so completely over the top with these treatments. They all look the same – puffed up pixies.

Courtney should follow her old Friend's example and go easy on her face. Jennifer's reportedly a fan of the much subtler Sculptra 'liquid lifting' treatment which gently boosts the natural collagen under your skin. Given her enduring freshness, I might just investigate that myself when the big 5-0 comes knocking.

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