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It's time to say no to yes-men

By Janet Street Porter

Noreena Hertz has written perceptive books about the growth of global capitalism and international debt. Now she's turned her attention to the information age with Eyes Wide Open, subtitled How to Make Decisions in a Confusing World.

She's right on the money with a directive that we should become 'challengers' of so-called expert advice. So much of what passes for fact and scientific research these days is funded by businesses with financial interests in changing our behaviour and directing us towards certain products.

One fallacy about modern life is the blind assumption that choice is good. Choice is draining and generally fake. From supermarkets to technology to cosmetics, a few large entities control prices, distribution and product development.

Hertz also tackles the subject of how to choose the right person for a job. She says we should always choose people we disagree with, because it enhances a team and encourages discussion. Smart bosses never surround themselves with yes-people.

Sadly, I doubt that any of our political leaders will read this book.

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