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Let's face it, Nicole is ageing smoothly

Una Brankin

So I was interested to read reports that Nicole Kidman has given up Botox and fillers.

If you look at her in earlier films like Dead Calm, she clearly had a natural frown line between her eyebrows – which were much lower then – and a very thin top lip.

Yet there she is 20 years on, with a shiny smooth forehead and well defined lips. Whatever she's having done now, it's a bit more subtle.

Maybe she has the same beauty therapist as Jennifer Aniston, who manages to stay so fresh without looking artificial.

Meanwhile I don't know what to make of 79-year-old Joan Collins's claim that she has never had a facelift.

She claims her good skin is down to staying out of the sun and piling on her make-up with a trowel.

Still, you can't help but like a woman who – when asked about the 30-year age-gap between herself and her husband – simply shrugs: "If he dies, he dies."

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