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Men should realise clothes don't just maketh the woman

By Angela Scanlon

Not three-piece suits and velvet dickie bows, not hyper-aware of their presentation or contrived in their sartorial choices; I'm talking about innate style, the kind of effortless, understated pulling together of an outfit that we've become used to seeing on women.

It's become easy for women; we are inundated with images of impossible stylishness, a perfectly pitched outfit for every imaginable occasion. We study these people, we reference bygone stars, we pore over their outfit choices and subconsciously or otherwise we recognise, over time, why something works and why it doesn't.

But many men couldn't give a monkey's about what they wear, or how they look. They, as one friend recently told me, avoid the mirror where possible. They stick to what they know, believing the oft misjudged mantra "if it's not broken, don't fix it".

But what it leaves us with is a bunch of lads who are still wearing bootcut jeans (stained and bitten at the hems), printed T-shirts, or crinkled plaid shirts, suits that don't quite fit and shoes that should be buried.

What is it with men and their strangely obsessive commitment to brown shoes? They are the one thing I hate most in life. They feel wrong in any setting.

Why would you choose them? Why would you resign yourself to wearing brown-coloured shoes, what is going through your mind when you hand over your hard-earned cash and leave the shop with them? Surely you can't really love them that much?

My hunch is no man loves brown shoes that much and he may not even 'love' his favourite jumper, or the trousers that could tell stories; they are functional items that do exactly what he requires of them. Nothing more, nothing less. No emotional attachment, no recognition of the power a good suit has.

That's the difference: women fall in love with clothes, we respect their ability to transform us, not just visually. We dream about a dress that will change our lives, convince ourselves that the expensive cobalt coat will make just the right impression and perhaps even bag us the job.

We know that wearing a sexy pair of shoes does more than turn men on; they empower you and change how you act and, consequently, how people respond to you. When men realise that clothes can open up a whole other world, we women will need to get a second mirror.

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