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Miley Cyrus cut down to size over new hair

By Una Brankin

Miley Cyrus is going off the rails yet again, admitting to shoving dollars in dancers' G-strings in strip clubs.

But there's a distinct whiff of trying-too-hard about the former Disney princess's antics.

Conveniently in front of paparazzi, she was spotted sharing a peck on the lips with a female friend at a party recently, inviting comparisons to Rihanna and her tiresome hard-partying ways.

Her latest (mostly) stylish outfits have won the praise however of the waspish Joan Rivers and her brilliant Fashion Police show, although Joan isn't so keen on Billy-Ray's daughter's cropped blonde hairstyle, tweeting: "Jennifer Aniston once popularised a hairstyle called 'The Rachel'. Miley Cyrus has done the same with her cut known as 'The Meds Wore Off'".

Joan's just turned 80 and always on the money. It's worth getting Sky for Fashion Police alone.

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