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Motorway commute frustrating and time-consuming


Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott

By Kevin Scott

My journey into work in central Belfast should take no more than 15 minutes - but often it is more than an hour.

So I know all too well the problems with traffic congestion in our capital.

My work as a photographer takes me all across Northern Ireland, but travelling from the west of the city into the centre is one of the most frustrating routes I drive.

If you leave after 9am you are caught in a web of traffic. A seven-mile journey can take over an hour. Each morning, leaving from home on Dunmurry Lane, I spend about 30 minutes before I can merge on to the M1 at Blacks Road.

Moving inch by inch I slowly make my way to the M1, coming over the brow of the on-slip, hoping today will be the day it's clear. But mostly it is the usual wall of cars queued to York Street.

I often glare out the window at the drivers travelling at 70mph in the opposite direction as my frustration builds.

Often I can make a journey through the back roads to Coleraine - a 60-mile journey - in the same time it takes to travel the short distance to Belfast.

A combination of bus lanes and traffic lights in the west of the city has forced drivers onto the M1 and Westlink, some of whom only travel the distance of one junction, leading to increased congestion on school mornings.

Month on month the problem seems to worsen.

It seems that it's a problem that has to be endured. With increasing amounts of bus lanes and traffic controlled junctions, there seems to be no break for those who face the frustrations of the Westlink each morning.

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