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Nelson McCausland: ‘Yes’ campaign’s dirty little secret is that hard-Left fellow travellers want abortion up to birth legalised

Pro-choice demand for ‘decriminalisation’ is a code for unrestricted terminations, writes Nelson McCausland


The Solidarity with Repeal rally at Belfast City Hall on Monday night

The Solidarity with Repeal rally at Belfast City Hall on Monday night

The Solidarity with Repeal rally at Belfast City Hall on Monday night

When the result of the recent referendum in the Irish Republic was announced, there was an outburst of frenzied triumphalism among pro-abortionists. The announcement was greeted with cheering, shouting, singing and dancing. I was disappointed by the result of the referendum, but I was also saddened by the crass triumphalism.

Whatever side of the debate you are on, this is a serious matter, because it is about human life and about the value and dignity of human life. Indeed, it is about two human lives, the life of the mother and the life of the unborn child.

However, the sad truth is that we live in a society which has become more callous, not more caring. That is certainly true in the Republic and it is also true in most countries and regions in western Europe.

Amnesty International, one of the main pro-abortion organisations, uses the slogan “My body, my rights” and I noticed one of the placards carried by a young woman with the message, “My uterus, my rules”. They talk about “my body”, “my uterus”, “my rights” and “my rules”, but there is no mention of “my baby”.

Since Saturday, pro-abortionists in Northern Ireland have stepped up their campaign and there was a protest outside the City Hall on Monday evening, under the banner of a group calling itself Solidarity with Repeal.

One of the speakers was Eleanor Crossey Malone, who is an organiser for Rosa NI, a pro-abortion group of radical socialist feminists. Their position is that they want the immediate introduction of the 1967 Abortion Act, but only as a step towards unrestricted abortion on request up to birth.

That is their real aim and I use those words, “up to birth”, because that is the demand of many in the pro-abortion lobby.

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The posters on Monday night said, “Time for choice, decriminalise abortion”. This is a demand that there be no circumstance in which abortion is illegal.

In other words, they are demanding unrestricted abortion up to birth, on request.

Recently, an article by Eleanor Crossey Malone was published on the website of the Socialist Party and it is noteworthy that the two main Trotskyist groups in Northern Ireland want to go far beyond what has happened in England.

Some time ago, I took part in a panel discussion and one of the other panellists was a young woman who was also one of the organisers of Monday night’s protest.

She was on the panel as an election candidate for People Before Profit, which has been described as a front for the Socialist Workers Party, another Trotskyist group.

A question was asked about abortion and she admitted that she wanted to go beyond the 1967 Abortion Act. Eventually, when the chairman pressed her on this, she also admitted that she wanted abortion to be legal “up to birth”.

Pro-abortionists are generally reluctant to say it openly, because they know most people will be horrified at that possibility and so it is presented as “decriminalisation”.

But if you think it through, that is what “decriminalisation” means — abortion up to birth, with no restriction and simply on request.

That is the position of many of the people leading the pro-abortion campaign and any change in the law will be seen by them as merely a stepping-stone along the road towards their ultimate target of unrestricted abortion up to birth.

Yet I cannot recall a single television, or radio, interviewer interrogating these organisations about this. Perhaps it has happened once or twice and I have missed it. That is certainly possible.

But we have not seen, or heard, the relentless interrogation of the pro-abortionists that the media direct towards many other organisations.

It is the role of the media to investigate and interrogate, so why has this not been interrogated?

On Monday night, Eleanor Crossey Malone announced that they would be organising more pro-abortion protests today.

They will be looking for publicity and seeking the attention of the media, so here is an opportunity to ask them.

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