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Nurses need to know how cash is spent

By Marie Marley

Any nurse in Northern Ireland would welcome the announcement of extra funding for our health service.

But what we need to know is whether it will make a real difference to life on the front line. Will it help to relieve the intolerable pressures we are working under? Will it help provide the additional nurses that are need in our hospitals and our communities to provide safe and effective care? Most importantly, will it improve the quality of care and experience for patients?

We are told that the Chancellor's announcement could mean an additional £50-70m for health here. However, this simply the latest in a long line of recent statements that have left nurses feeling bewildered and confused.

Until nurses see the genuine difference this funding will make to patient care, we will reserve judgment and carry on trying to provide the best care and treatment for patients that we possibly can in increasingly difficult circumstances.

Anne Marie Marley is a respiratory nurse consultant and member of Royal College of Nursing NI board

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