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Public is sick of Sinn Fein excuses


Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness

People are no fools - they are crying out for a strong devolved government. They are not taken in by the verbosity of Martin McGuinness over welfare benefits.

Stormont, by necessity and in compliance with the original intentions of the Belfast Agreement, should be free to take majority decisions. That also means releasing itself from the pernicious petition of concern mechanism, which has been abused to debase the democratic process of the Assembly.

Today, it is welfare benefits, yesterday (and still unresolved) it was victims. What next for tomorrow and the day after that?

This absurd magic roundabout political immaturity cannot continue. The people will have no more of grandstanding one day and mates the next. Listen to what people are saying. The vulnerable are recoiling from being exploited by Sinn Fein and their bag-carrying followers in the SDLP.

The problem is not welfare reform, it is the capacity expected of Northern Ireland to carry responsibilities well above those we can afford. Taxpayers are also being exploited and wrongly being forced into acting against their natural instincts, which are to care about the less fortunate.

It will end up with both the people on benefits and the people paying tax being demonised because of their positions. That cannot be allowed to happen.

Martin McGuinness has failed to deliver on his promise of guaranteeing welfare benefits in perpetuity. His mandate was overturned when the Tories formed a majority government.

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Now it would appear Sinn Fein's mandate extends to an announcement that George Osborne has yet to make, but is widely expected in July. It is sufficient justification, according to McGuinness, to put Northern Ireland into a budgetary straitjacket of negotiations likely to start in the autumn.

Meantime, what happens? I can tell you the people will not tolerate the shenanigans of Sinn Fein and their tactic of process after process. It simply won't wash.

It's either get out and stay out, Martin; bring Stormont down and with it all the people's hopes that politics could cope with local issues.

Listen to the people: they really do want strong, stable good government.

  • David McNarry MLA is the leader of Ukip in Northern Ireland

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