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Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki split: Important to go at your own pace

By Jacqui Swan

Something significant can happen, like the loss of someone, to make people reflect on life and what they want from theirs.

There are a lot of pre-commitment courses available to help people realise the long-term reality of giving someone a commitment.

You have the 'honeymoon' period where everything is rosy, but when talking about marriage or a long-term partnership you have to think of the practicalities.

Ending a relationship is a huge decision, but it is better to end it before a commitment or children. Age is not really a factor, it is life experience up to that point and what people have observed from their parents.

It is difficult for celebrities because everyone is watching their every move and there are lots of expectations on them.

It is a skill in itself to not be influenced by that – by the public, or parents, or friends.

When people are in relationships they are always asked when they are getting engaged, getting married, having kids. It can be very difficult.

People have to progress relationships at their own pace. It should be about what works for the couple. Every relationship and connection is different.

Jacqui Swan is Relate NI professional services manager

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