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Same old Morrissey, still stuck in his well-worn groove of the '80s

Things we can say for certain about Morrissey...

1, The Queen is unlikely to be bothered by anything he says about her. 2, The late Margaret Thatcher certainly won't be. And 3, fans who went along to his concert earlier this week will have been well aware that, along with the burger-bashing, he has a long record of expressing hatred of both women.

This is what Morrissey does. Tries to be "outrageous". He is not the first and will certainly not be the last in the music business to cop that this is a pretty surefire way of getting headlines. Especially when the music no longer does it for you.

That backdrop pic of the Queen photoshopped with the rude finger gesture and made to look dishevelled (although ironically, quite feisty) has angered and offended people (among them, some of his own fans.) Whatever you feel about the institution she represents, she's an 88-year-old woman, for God's sake. In general terms, demeaning an octogenarian could hardly be regarded as brave or admirable stuff. What makes it even more crass is that Morrissey, with his much-trumped Irish blood, English heart, is not exactly abreast of local sentiment in this instance, bearing in mind that this is the same woman who has won considerable acclaim from all sides of the divide throughout Ireland for her powerful role in reconciliation.

The royal hand that he's had photoshopped in crude gesture is the same one that has reached out in an historic gesture of healing on this island, both north and south.

Yet the singer's attitude to her - like his music - seems to be stuck way back in the '80s.

He's entitled to his opinion, of course, but it does come across as pathetically dated.

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Same old pose. Same old broken record.

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