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Seeing beyond a dream job can offer new rewards

Stepping back from a full-on career to allow for other experiences, whether it's child-rearing, caring for a family member or pursuing voluntary work, can be an enriching choice, but it's always a challenge.

The term 'juggling' is a cliche, and for good reason; it neatly sums up the feat of balancing paid employment and other (often more difficult) duties in an ongoing, everyday manner.

It's not only the logistics one has to be on top of, but also the ability to constantly adapt to different 'headspaces'.

Looking after a boisterous three-year-old is very different from sitting working at a desk in a silent house.

While I relish that contrast, it does require a certain flexibility.

Sometimes these worlds feel so far apart it's disorientating; at other times, spending time with a little person makes you feel better equipped to deal with the 'real' world.

Interestingly, Sarah Travers has said she is leaving her BBC position to spend more time with her family and to pursue other career opportunities.

My career has flourished since I left the security of a full-time staff position for the uncertainty of being self-employed.

A lot of that must be down to the fulfilment I derive from seeing more of my family and avoiding a daily commute.

So congratulations to Ms Travers for taking the plunge - I salute her bravery and ability to see beyond a dream job.

For, like the old saying goes, it seems that you rarely regret the opportunities you jumped at - only those you didn't.