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The Leave view: The wishes of the British people must be respected

By Nigel Dodds

On June 23 the British people as a whole gave a clear mandate for the UK government to leave the EU.

There must be no attempt to block Brexit by people who refuse to accept the will of the people of the UK.

I am disappointed by the court's judgment on Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

It will now fall on the Supreme Court to make a ruling and it is important that there is full and clear guidance.

Her Majesty's Government will be appealing the decision and I am aware this will be at the beginning of December.

However, despite the High Court ruling in London, we must remember that a decision was taken by the people of the United Kingdom, as a whole, to leave the European Union.

This was a democratic vote and one which must be respected.

The Government are determined to respect that result and I welcome the Prime Minister's commitment on Brexit, acting on the clear will of the British people.

On Wednesday in Westminster the Prime Minister gave her commitment that there would be no internal borders within the United Kingdom.

This is one line on Brexit which has been of keen importance to the public. I was very pleased that the PM reiterated that the rights of British citizens to travel freely within the UK will not be affected by Brexit.

There are many opportunities outside the shackles of the European Union and it is unfortunate that many who shout about democratic rights are those who, in fact, seek to oppose democracy at every turn.

It is ironic that some of those who criticised the DUP for not attending Wednesday's talking shop in Dublin are those who refuse to take their seats in the sovereign parliament at Westminster, making representation for those whom they are supposed to represent.

Remainers will seek to use this as a basis to call for a second referendum or indeed scaremonger and this is deeply damaging to democracy and the United Kingdom as a whole.

The DUP will oppose any attempts to subvert or distort the decision taken by the people on June 23. We have and will continue to go the heart of Government to ensure our voice is heard.

The Prime Minister has made it very clear that the UK will be leaving the EU and we will stand with her to ensure that becomes a reality.

Throughout the twists and turns of leaving the European Union, we will ensure that the people of Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom as a whole get the best possible deal.

  • Nigel Dodds is the DUP MP for North Belfast

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