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There may be a Jen after your man, too

By Cathy Martin

It was only five years ago in 2006 that we all felt sorry for Jennifer Anniston when we discovered Brad Pitt and she were splitting up as a result of his affair with Angelina Jolie.

Angelina was labelled a home wrecker and a man-eater among other things — even though she has proven everyone wrong and stayed with the man she supposedly ‘entrapped’ as a short-term plaything.

But now it seems Jen had started seeing her current beau, actor Justin Theroux (cousin of British documentary maker Louis), before he had completely broken off his 14-year relationship with stylist and costume designer Heidi Bivens.

Bivens’ publicist issued a statement saying that “Heidi only moved out of their apartment a month ago” — which was a complete overlap with when Theroux is alleged to have started seeing Jennifer.

And, in other recent news in celeb world, it is alleged that Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively started her relationship with Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo di Caprio before he had finished with his model girlfriend Bar Rafaeli.

So what is it with these supposedly alpha actress types? Do they have super confidence in snaring their men? Do they have any feelings for the woman who is already in the relationship with their new man? Did Jen learn some tips from Angelina?

Or are the men just looking for a way out but don’t have the confidence to leave their long-term partners until something better comes along, meanwhile they’re filling their new partners’ heads full of sweetie mice?

One thing I do know is that human instinct and relationship |behaviour seems to be the same all over — and these scenarios are just as likely to happen in Holywood, Co Down as Hollywood, California.

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