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They said what?! We take a look at the quotes of the year

By Staff Reporter

Part one of our look back at some of the most memorable quotes of 2014 from the political, sporting and social spheres during a year which saw many of highs and lows.

He was assassinated with words and deeds.

Eileen Paisley condemns the DUP leadership in a TV documentary over her husband's departure as party leader

Nigel Dodds said to me, "I want you to be gone by Friday".

Ian Paisley claims in the TV programme that the DUP told him to quit as party leader and First Minister

A cheeky sod.

Eileen Paisley's assessment of Nigel Dodds in the same interview

As someone who faithfully served Dr Paisley for many decades, I will make one final sacrifice by not responding and causing any further damage to his legacy beyond that which he has done himself.

Peter Robinson's statement in the wake of the Paisley documentary

I'm over the moon to be back in production and to step into the shoes of the elusive Stella [Gibson] for an even darker second season.

Actress Gillian Anderson commenting on reprising her role as the detective in the locally-made TV series, The Fall

Certainly, he could be difficult, but he could also be unbelievably charming and he never lost that broad border accent of his - no matter whose company he found himself in.

Business associate of Norbrook Laboratories multi-millionaire, Edward Haughey, who died in a helicopter crash

Five of us could have died that night. It was scary stuff.

Belfast funnyman Tim McGarry's sombre reflection on the night 33 years ago when arsonists set his home on fire in a sectarian attack

Tiocfaidh ár lá

Orange Order leader George Chittick's unusual rejoinder after warning Protestant people not to learn the Irish language

I implore you: finish the job.

Bill Clinton's message to Ulster's politicians on a visit to Northern Ireland

What you saw was what you got. There was no difference between the public man and the private man.

Toto Ellis paying tribute to his actor father, Jimmy, who died in March

He was the man I wanted to be.

A message from broadcaster Gerry Anderson is read out at the funeral of Belfast actor Jimmy Ellis. It was Gerry's last public utterance before his own passing, four months later

I think many people will look at the visit to the Crumlin Road prison with a degree of astonishment.

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness praises the Queen for her peace-building efforts after showing her around the jail where he once was an inmate

They said I was dead. They were wrong.

Irish language activist Gearóid O Cairealláin reflects on the day the radio station he set up in Belfast announced his death after he had a massive stroke. It later broadcast a correction

I will resign unless there is a full inquiry into the on-the-runs (OTR) letters.

Peter Robinson's threat after he claims that unionists were kept in the dark about assurances to "wanted" republicans

It was very public and for the unionists to claim they knew nothing about it is false.

Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly claims that everyone knew everything about the OTR letters

The number of active dissident terrorists has fallen so low they would fit into two vans.

PSNI source's assessment of the threat from renegade republicans in March

May I send my apologies to Mr David Jeffries for the rudeness and the ignorance of the individual who sits opposite me in this chamber.

DUP councillor Ruth Patterson hits out at a Sinn Fein councillor for questioning why she is wearing a Linfield scarf as she calls for colleagues to honour the contribution to football of Blues boss, David Jeffrey

Ian, I can smell the devil's buttermilk on your breath.

Former Tory MP Jerry Hayes recalls in his autobiography the day at Westminster when he laced the Rev Ian Paisley's pudding with liqueurs

It's not as if I'm waiting on the clock stopping. But it is classed as a terminal condition.

Former GAA star Anto Finnegan on being diagnosed with motor neurone disease

Nobody sane just wants to be famous. I hate it when people say that you're asking for it just by doing films.

Actor Jamie Dornan, the Northern Ireland star of television series The Fall and the film Fifty Shades of Grey, tries to keep his feet on the ground

They couldn't find Black Beauty in a field of white daisies.

Radio Ulster football pundit Liam Beckett sums up the passing abilities of Linfield footballers in a game against Cliftonville

He couldn't pass you a sandwich at a wake.

Liam Beckett shoots from the lip again, against the wayward distribution of Linfield footballers

He was my soulmate, my life, my rock, my whole world, my every breath.

Sandra Kerr on her fiance David Warnock, one of two Co Armagh fishermen who died in a boating tragedy in the Republic

I'll find a way around here some year. I know in my heart I will.

Graeme McDowell after missing the cut - again - at the Masters in Augusta

Good luck, Fudgie.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers' previously unknown nickname is revealed in a message on a T-shirt worn by his cousin, Tracey McCloy, in Carnlough during the TV screening of a crucial Premiership match against Chelsea. Liverpool lost

Friend, inspiration, Bannsider.

Broadcaster Alan Simpson after the death of unionist MLA and Coleraine FC fan, David McClarty

He looks like Ken Dodd.

The Duke of Edinburgh's indiscreet aside after his first sighting of Irish President Michael D Higgins in London

If there are people out there who still believe that firebombs or other attacks will drive me out, they are wrong.

East Belfast MP Naomi Long hits out after yet another arson attack on her east Belfast offices in May

We're so proud of you Oscar.

Tribute from Stephen and Leona Knox after the death in May of their five-year-old son, Oscar, after a lengthy and high-profile battle against cancer

They are blown away. They are saying it's the best start they have ever had.

Tourism Minister Arlene Foster on the arrivederci from Giro d'Italia cyclists and organisers after thousands of people turned out to see the Grande Partenza of one of the world's top sporting events in Northern Ireland in May

This was the nearest I had to pink.

Cardinal Sean Brady points to the red belt around his robe as the cyclists leave Armagh after he realises he's one of the few people not wearing Giro pink

He's something of a Titanorak.

A Titanic Belfast official's description of rocker Rod Stewart after he paid a surprise visit to the centre

I've played for Ireland my whole life and there's no reason to change that now. I hope people respect my decision.

Holywood golfer Rory McIlroy on his decision to represent Ireland at the 2016 Olympics

Breaking up with Caroline [Wozniacki] made me a better golfer.

Rory McIlroy's explanation for his unstoppable golfing form this year

Rory dumped me by phone… but at least now I can date someone taller.

Caroline Wozniacki takes a pop at her ex-fiance and his lack of inches in height

NI21 boss Basil McCrea rocked by sex claims from up to nine women.

A newspaper headline after Northern Ireland's newest political party is plunged into crisis and confusion over allegations about its leader

At first reading of them, I can say that I deny them.

Basil McCrea responds to allegations of inappropriate sexual activity

This has been the most toxic and poisonous experience of my entire life.

John McCallister speaks out after quitting the NI21 party he set up with Basil McCrea in June

Move the voting paper.

Chief Electoral Officer Graham Shields' sage advice to Wendy Austin after she complained the string on pencils in polling booths wasn't usually long enough to reach the end of the voting paper

There will be a graduated response... Unionist leaders are willing to share the strain within the political process.

Unionist leaders walk out of peace talks at Stormont after the Parades Commission again rule against a return march by Ligoniel Orangemen past Ardoyne shops

We need to get away from a situation where everyone is holding their breath in advance of the Twelfth of July... not knowing whether there's going to be a riot or not.

Secretary of State Theresa Villiers establishes a panel of experts to examine the Ardoyne parade dispute

We have had a quiet and peaceful parading season up to and including today.

New Chief Constable George Hamilton praises the "responsible attitude" of everyone involved in the Twelfth of July

No one wants to read books or scripts about the Troubles.

Advice from the BBC to Carrickfergus-born writer Adrian McKinty who has since made a huge reputation for himself for penning books about the Troubles

Peacemaker, leader, visionary.

A mural appears in west Belfast after Gerry Adams is arrested for questioning about the murder of one of the Disappeared, Jean McConville. He was later released without charge.

We discovered that, when you are tackling deeply ingrained attitudes, you need to shock people out of the rut they have got into.

David Lyle explains why his company has made shocking advertisements aimed at cutting carnage on Northern Ireland's roads

Wouldn't Doris just have loved all that pink on the Newtownards Road during the Giro d'Italia?

Comment on social media about the late UDA leader Jim 'Doris' Day who had a propensity for pink clothes

Islam is heathen; Islam is satanic; Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell.

Pastor James McConnell causes a storm with a sermon at Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle

I would trust them to go to the shops for me.

Peter Robinson defends Pastor McConnell and spells out one thing he would be happy to let Muslims do for him

I apologised face-to-face, personally, man-to-man - the way it should be done.

Peter Robinson visits the Islamic centre in Belfast to say he's sorry for the above comment

Don't worry, it has English subtitles.

BBC presenter Conor Bradford's assurance for non-Irish speakers who might not understand the content of an Irish language documentary being broadcast on the radio.

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