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Thought for the weekend: A letter from God

By Rev Gareth Burke

So, the letters have been published! After a prolonged legal battle, the correspondence between Prince Charles and various government departments has been made public.

The letters cover a wide range of subjects, but inevitably the ones receiving the most media attention are those addressed to the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

The Prince of Wales raised some concerns over the supply of suitable equipment for the armed forces in Iraq. His intervention is regarded by some as something positive and helpful while others are concerned about the extent to which a member of the royal family should be allowed to influence government policy.

Whatever your viewpoint happens to be, it is very interesting to see the ease with which Prince Charles was able to make contact with Tony Blair and these "Letters from a Prince" will continue to evoke much discussion and debate.

But imagine if you got a letter, not from someone in the Royal Family, but from God himself. Imagine if God were to write to you!

Of course, this actually happened. Years ago in the days of the Babylonian Empire King Belshazzar received a letter from God. During the course of a rather rowdy banquet God wrote to the King. A hand appeared and wrote on the wall of the banqueting hall. King Belshazzar was both afraid and perplexed. He couldn't understand the message God had left. The words - "Mene Mene Tekel Parsin" - meant nothing to him.

Thankfully Daniel, a man of faith, was on hand and was able to interpret the message for the King. He explained that the Aramaic words when interpreted meant - "You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting".

In other words, God was telling King Belshazzar that he had enough of his blasphemy, mocking and rebellion. "Sort out your life," was what God was saying, "or else you will know my judgement".

Sadly, King Belshazzar was killed that night. There is no evidence that, despite such a clear message from God, King Belshazzar 'sorted out' his life.

It's important that when God speaks to us we listen to him. He is speaking to us today in his Word, the Bible. He is still saying to men and women "sort out your life. Turn to me and to my Son Jesus in repentance and faith". It's important that we listen to God.

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