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Thought for the weekend: God's love knows no favourites

By Fr Patrick McCafferty

On the sixth Sunday of the Easter Season, the Word of God proclaimed in many Churches at Divine Worship, speaks insistently of God's love for all people without exception.

The apostle Peter, in the house of Cornelius, announces the truth he has now come to realise that "God has no favourites", and "that anybody of any nationality who fears God and does what is right is acceptable to Him" (Cf. Acts 10:34-35).

Peter has been led by the Lord towards this discovery of God's grace acting in the lives of people he would have brought up to disregard. Peter is being taught that God, in infinite love, embraces all the peoples of the earth. Peter's enlightenment by the Holy Spirit in this regard sheds light on the Church for all time - the Church - the family or household of the Living God (I Tim 3:15).

How easily and quickly human beings become divided and exclusive, with so often tragic and long-lasting consequences.

The antidote to the venomous destruction of supremacist, elitist, racist and sectarian mind-sets is to allow your heart to become possessed by the love Jesus offers us - the presence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and minds.

This society of ours, still traumatised by years of violent hatred, constantly needs the leaven of Christian lives who remain in the love of Christ by keeping His commandments.

Those who close their hearts to love, who regard themselves as "better" than their brothers and sisters, do not belong to Christ, even if they loudly profess His name. They are anti-Christ and anti-Gospel.

God says to us: "Everyone who loves is begotten by God and knows God. Anyone who fails to love can never have known God, because God is love" (I Jn 4:7-8).

There are no exceptions to this truth and we must be compelled by a love that is quite prepared to lay down one's life for ones friends (Jn 15:13).

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